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Tips on Writing Marketing Principles Assignment

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When we talk about writing assignments the first question that comes to our mind is how much time do we have? To get a good grade it is vital to meet all requirements and submit it before the submission deadline. A good knowledge of the subject area is essential to be able to write on marketing principles. Your assessor might consider below aspects while evaluating your dissertation

  1. The strategies you have adopted to find answers
  2. Effort incorporated to identify suitable solutions
  3. Your design, selection and application of appropriate methods and techniques
  4. Your communication and presentation of findings

To achieve the above, assignment writing service in the UK can help you get through. It is important that you take charge for organizing and managing content. Also to evaluate your work you must use critical reflection and justify your conclusion

The knowledge areas that might be tested while writing an assignment on marketing principles include

  1. Good understanding of the individual elements of extended marketing mix by explaining
    1. how to sustain competitive advantage on how products are developed
    2. how to provide customer convenience and how the distribution is arranged
    3. setting up prices to reflect organizations’ market conditions and objectives
    4. analysis of the extended marketing mix
  2. Your ability to use marketing mix in different contexts
    1. in consumer market, marketing mixes for two different segments
    2. international marketing concepts
    3. illustration of variances in marketing services and products rather than clients

Talking of the 4p’s of marketing forming its elements are as:


It gives the description of the product. Decisions related to the features, benefits, advantages and life cycle of the product.

Good knowledge of the customer’s availability and convenience where the product must be sold is important. What channels must be used for delivering the products to the customers must be identified. This also involves logistics, distribution management and a good integration management system.


Here you set up a value for the product. This is a perceived value which requires good knowledge, understanding and analysis of market competition, demand elasticity, cost and ethical issue according to customers.


Promotion is all about how to advertise your products using public relations, sale promotions, branding, sponsorship, internet and online marketing. You should use effective strategies to convince similar products’ users why they should consider your products and handsome sale promotions can play a good role in this regard by offering savings on purchasing your product.

International Market

To introduce your product in international market requires good understanding of preferences and needs of the market and place where the product is going to be sold. International market forms another important aspect of marketing mix. Here it is useful to discuss cultural differences, globalization. Always keep the risk factors associated under consideration.

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