Best Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

Best Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

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No matter how good your make-up or costume is; without Halloween contact lenses, the ensemble is incomplete. Halloween costume contact lenses are sometimes referred to as “theatrical contact lenses” or “Special-effect FX contact lenses”. Just like colored contact lenses, these special FX contact lenses are available with or without lens power to correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, and/or farsightedness.

All contact lenses, are classified as medical devices by FDA and it is necessary to require a valid contact lens prescription from a licensed eye care specialist. Theatrical or novelty lenses are safe to wear, only if they are properly cared and prescribed. Placing your Halloween get up perfect is not worth the eye damaging infection from the improper use of contact lens.

Halloween contact lenses: Colors and Designs

Have you ever wished for Zombie apocalypse? Be like the vampire in Twilight? Or look like a werewolf in the full moon? Every year, October is the month of trick or treat, jack-o’-lantern, Halloween parties, where you get to wear special effects contact lenses and costumes to dress up like your favorite characters from movies, anime, or comics.

Special-effect contact lenses are opaque and tinted to completely cover your natural eye color while the pupil remains uncovered so you can see. Best colored Halloween contact lenses are trendy and inspired by movies and TV shows. This guide will list some of the best and most sought fresh look contact lenses colors.

Ambition colored contacts:

These irresistible colored contacts for Halloween coveted for their intense pigmentation gives hypnotized effect and are most sought after. Their high octane shade completely transform the eyes into something wild, new and out of ordinary! Some of the best shades demanded are violet, green, aqua, and amber.

Anime & Cosplay contacts:

These eccentric unique designed cosplay contact lenses are famous among anime lovers. They are available in a wide variety including dark elf, hatake, dragon, dark angel, cyborg, and selene. For supernatural look, special-effect scleral lenses like all black, white and red contacts cover both iris and white part (sclera) of your eyes.

Zombie contact lenses:

People who love zombies, accursed, and white walkers then these crazy contact lenses will raise you from the dead. They completely cover your iris with a single color including white, yellow, ghoul, and blackout.

Vampire contact lenses:

These red black tone lenses give you the vampire look. Obviously, with two blood sucking large teeth. It is the perfect costume for night walkers. Edward with light brown shade lenses in Twilight, Selene with aqua shade lenses in Underworld gave a variety of vampire looks apart from old Dracula styles.

Cat Eye contact lenses:

If you are a fan of fantasy of dragons, queens, vigilante then these lenses are probably the best choice for you. These lenses with different colored shade and black oval circle in between give you the look that you want. They are famous for characters like Smaug in the Hobbit, Evil queen in Maleficent, Werewolves in Twilight, or Cat Woman. The yellow shade gives you the most natural look used mostly.

Glow UV contacts:

If you want to stand out from the crowd and look different while dancing and mingling in the night parties, these lenses will make your eyes glow in the UV light. In the day, they will give you vibrant look.


Before buying any of the contact lenses visit your eye doctor for complete assessment and prescription. Buy Halloween contact lenses from licensed ECP or authorized retailer that require you to have a prescription. Always follow instructions of you eye specialist for wearing and caring of your contact lenses. Never share your contact lenses with anyone this may cause an eye infection.


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